Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merchant Nabbed in Sex Sting

We have looked at a few, of the many, threats to Israel's survival in the previous posts, and we haven't even discussed the most obvious threat yet, the Arabs, who "call" themselves, Palestinians", and their radical Islamic backers. For over three decades now, America has attempted to "twist Israel's arm" to force them to make more and more concessions, in an attempt to try to appease these murderous thugs, and now, as we say in the South, "our chickens are coming home to roost" !! Since 9/11, America has found ourselves threatened by these same terrorists that we have been insisting Israel bargain with for years. I believe this is G-D'S way of showing America, just a small taste, of what we have been demanding of Israel, when we force them to deal with these radicals. The following article is from our LOCAL newspaper. America had best reconsider our Mid East policies, and remember who our allies are, and who are the self-declared enemies, of BOTH Israel and America. Just a few short years ago, you would NEVER have expected to read of something like this in our small region of the South, but here it is, on our doorstep. In Islam sex with under age girls (children) is an accepted practice, but here it is NOT !! Also, these Islamists come here and operate private businesses, usually convenience stores, while sending money back to terrorist groups back home, using these supposed legitamate businesses, to funnel money back to the very terrorist groups who are threatening both Israel and America's survival. When you start seeing it in our neck-of-the-woods, it's already late in the game, because everything that happens, happens here LAST, and if it's HERE, it's already EVERYWHERE !! Please America, WAKE-UP !!

Merchant Nabbed in Sex Sting


December 12, 2006

A Jackson businessman was in jail Monday night awaiting extradition to North Carolina on charges of soliciting a child by computer with the intent of engaging in an unlawful sex act.

Ismaeel Alhajj, 26, of 503 Crook Ave. in Henderson, was arrested Monday morning at the Greyhound Bus terminal on East Main Street in downtown Jackson. Alhajj runs Al Far's International Market at 40 Carriage House Drive, according to a press release from police.

Police said Alhajj was waiting at the station for a person he believed was a 14-year-old girl from Cleveland County, N.C., with whom he had been corresponding via the internet. "He thought he was talking to a 14-year-old girl," said Jackson Police Chief Rick Staples.

"I'm sure he was disappointed," Staples said of Alhajj's arrest. "He did show up thinking he was going to meet a 14-year-old."

Alhajj had actually been corresponding with authorities at the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department, who asked the JPD to assist with the arrest.

Jackson police did not know on Monday how long Alhajj had been corresponding with the person he thought was an underage girl.

When Alhajj saw JPD investigators at the Greyhound Bus station, "he was surprised," said police Capt. Jerry N. Priddy. Priddy said Alhajj offered no resistance to police.

Priddy said Alhajj sent a bus ticket for the 14-year-old girl to come to Jackson. He was being held in the Criminal Justice Center on Monday night.

- Wendy Isom



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