Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Dead Sea Turned Over to the United Nations ??

I have posted these two posts by Tamar Yonah, back-to-back, because they are "sister" posts, as it were. We have looked at threats to Israel's survival "from WITHIN", threats to her survival "from WITHOUT", and this last post shows a threat to her survival "from WITHOUT" with a "from WITHIN" connection.

Original post by: Tamar Yonah

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Dead Sea Turned Over to the United Nations ??

See this interesting post, and notice the highlighted text where it speaks about the United Nation's UNESCO as well as 'free trade zones'. The very light text you can skim over, for the WHOLE article (which I omitted much of the text), see article.

-- Peres and the U.N. both give me the creeps. - tamar

"Peace Valley": Even on the environment Shimon Peres's ideas are a disaster.

"I cannot think of a worse idea," said Dan Zaslavsky, a former Israeli water commissioner and professor specializing in water and soil engineering at the University of Haifa. "This is unbelievable. Unbelievable, so idiotic it is . . . .
.... There are several alternatives which are so obviously better." ....

...... "The problem is there's no comprehensive management plan in place. Everyone is just taking as much [water] as they can without enough thought to the consequences," said Mira Edelstein, of Friends of the Earth Middle East, an environmental organization with members in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories that is lobbying to restore the flow of the Jordan River in an effort to revive the Dead Sea coastline, and wants the Dead Sea declared a UNESCO (united nations) World Heritage site. "Many historic and cultural and heritage sites are in the Jordan Valley and around the Dead Sea [and] we are going to see their downfall instead of conserving them."

"There is a plan to save the Dead Sea, but like everything else in the Mideast, it is a tricky negotiation among three governments, subject to much bureaucracy and long delays. Israeli vice-premier Shimon Peres is championing a "Peace Valley" project that includes a 200-kilometre canal to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea to replenish it. Along the way, the project would include desalination plants to increase the supply of fresh water in this desert region, as well as tourist facilities, a free-trade zone and even a new joint airport at the southern tip where Israel and Jordan meet." for the whole article,

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