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I thought this post was very urgent, so I have re-posted it here, on my blog, to help get the word out to as many readers as possible. Please be sure and pass this information along to others who also love Jerusalem, and please get involved to make sure this event is cancelled !!

They're Coming ...... "The Un-invited"

Well, we THOUGHT that maybe they would get the message that their Gay Pride Parade was not wanted in this Holy City of Jerusalem. They refuse to be tolerant of the wishes of the vast population of Jerusalem, the city council of Jerusalem, and the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Clickety-clack .......

Here they come ........

on ...... November 10th, .......

the same day that commemorates the beginning of the Holocaust, 'Kristalnacht', the same day that the Nazis burned down synagogues, these people insist on marching down the public streets of Jerusalem with 'Pride' and gaiety.

By the way, this parade also marches in the very week, where we read about where G-d destroyed Sodom and Gamora !!!

If that is not a message to us, I don't know what is !!!

Folks, it is time to start FAXING again. And let me tell you some GOOD NEWS, all the faxes that we sent before, DID indeed help !!!

See this media piece from :

TA loses bid to host Europride

In a close race, selection committee votes 8:5, choosing Zurich over Tel Aviv to host 2009 European gay pride parade. Israeli committee disappointed, but has hopes for future. A member of the Tel Aviv city council and former chairman of the association, Itai Pinkas, pointed out two main causes that tipped the scales in favor of Zurich: The war in Lebanon, and the cancellation of the pride parades in Israel. (Your faxes helped in the cancelations!) “The forced cancellation of the pride parade in Jerusalem caused a feeling of instability, despite the fact that Tel Aviv has no history of cancellations, and, from the point of view of the average European, Israel is a dangerous place. When the alternative is a place like Switzerland, in the center of Europe and with fantastic access to trains, they have an advantage,” he said. ..................

So, we have done some good with our faxing, sending a democratically expressed vote and message that it is not a good idea to hold a Pride Parade here in the Holy city of Jerusalem.

Now, I am going to ask you again, to PLEASE fax these people below, please keep your message short and polite. Maybe something like,

"My name is________ from ________ and I am asking you to please say NO to any type of Gay pride Parade in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Also, please add something to make the fax more personal and original, but short and easy. G-d bless you for guarding G-d's city and the sanctity of Jerusalem.

Here are the numbers below: (please do it now!)

Jerusalem Mayor: Uri Lupolianski
Fax: 02-6296014

Jerusalem Chief of police: Ilan FrancoFax: 02-539-1466 (no email)

Minister Eli Yishai: Fax: 02-666-2909

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