Friday, October 13, 2006

LGF - Condi Panders to Palestinian Victimhood

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Condi Panders to Palestinian Victimhood

A question for Condoleezza Rice:

on what basis do Palestinians “deserve” a better life, and why is it our responsibility to give it to them? They voted en masse for a radical Islamic terrorist group with an open policy of genocide. They have turned their back on every offer of statehood, chosen a path of violence and murder, and built a death cult society that instills hatred in children from their first moments of life.

And they danced in joy on September 11.

This is nothing but pandering to the victimhood propaganda of an enemy of America, and once again Condi Rice has succeeded in making my stomach turn: Rice: Palestinians owed a better life. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

Palestinians deserve to live better than they do and be “free of the humiliation of occupation” in a state of their own,“ said US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday night.

”I promise you my personal commitment to that goal,“ Rice said at a dinner marking the third anniversary of the American Task Force on Palestine.

”There could be no greater legacy for America,“ Rice told the group, which describes itself as nonpartisan and supportive of a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel.

”The Palestinian people deserve a better life ... free of the humiliation of occupation," she said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on! Don't be cruel!
Of course the Arab from Eretz Yisrael deserve a better life... and we do too!
THAT is why they'd be much better off settling somewhere else. The world is a big place, and they can surely find somewhere to go in peace.
Amongst the millions of immigrants that go to the US, Canada, and Europe, a few thousand Arabs here and there would not hurt anyone.
Besides, since the Arabs from Eretz Yisrael say they're learning from the early Zionist pioneers, they could try and go to some place like the Sahara Desert, or Rub-Al-Khali on the South-East corner of the Arabian Peninsula, and try to make the place bloom (with an "L" between the "b" and the "oo"... if they forget that detail it will not be my problem anymore).
They point is that NOT falling into the trap of giving them a new piece process is better for everyone, for the Arabs as well as for us, Jews. Could the Condy/Dubyah administration get that finally into their heads?

11:36 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...


Thank you for your comment, it's nice of you to come by my blog and I hope you will return again, often !! I agree with you completely !! I thought the "bloom/boom" part was really funny !! I agree that Condi Rice and the Bush administration are being very foolish in their dealings with the Arabs !!! I also think it is criminal of the United States and other foreign entities to try to force Israel into a "piece" deal with these terrorist nations !!! The United States should stand firmly with Israel against ALL terrorist threats, which includes these "so-called" Palestinians (ARABS) !!!
I pray they WAKE-UP before it's too late !!!!

2:44 AM  

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