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Breaking News: Knesset Moves to Ban Gay March in Jerusalem

Knesset Moves to Ban Gay March in Jerusalem

Praise HaShem !!! Has the Knesset finally done something "right" ???

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Original Article:

Published: 06/06/07, 4:38 PM
by Hillel Fendel

( With tensions rising again as homosexuals prepare to parade in Jerusalem, the Knesset passes a preliminary reading of an amendment that would ban future such marches. At the same time, opponents of the march have begun a series of protest actions.

The Knesset voted by a 40-23 margin on Wednesday afternoon to approve an early reading of an amendment to the current Jerusalem Bill. The amendment will be discussed in the Knesset Law Committee; if it is passed there, it will be returned to the Knesset for two additional votes and final passage.

The amendment reads as follows: "The Jerusalem City Council is authorized to ban marches and parades in the city for reasons of disturbance of the peace, offense to public sensitivities, or for religious reasons."

MK Gabbai Explains

MK Eli Gabbai (National Religious Party), who submitted the bill twice - in the previous Knesset and in the current one - offered two explanations for proposing the bill. One explanation is that "Jerusalem is a unique city in the world, holy to the three religions. The holding of a gay-pride parade specifically in Jerusalem is offensive to the believers of all the religions all over the world... This law authorizes the City Council to bar an event that is liable to offend millions of believers around the world, as well as the residents of the city itself."

In his second explanation, Gabbai adds, "...Jerusalem's special national and international status stems, inter alia, from the fact that it is holy to the three religions. This legislation comes to strengthen Jerusalem's status via its City Council representatives, enabling them to set its policies while taking into account the special sensitivities in light of the unique religious and social composition of the population."

MK Gabbai told Arutz-7 he hopes to have the bill passed completely in time for the scheduled gay march two weeks from now. Some observers in the Knesset feel this is unrealistic, but "it should be ready in time for gay events that are planned for the future, however," said Gabbai's spokesman Yair Givati.

Meretz faction leader MK Zahava Gal'on condemned the proposed amendment, saying that "every group must have the right of expression." She and party colleague MK Chaim Oron warned that "the sword that is aimed at one group today could be aimed at another tomorrow." Prime Minister Ehud Olmert consented to allow the coalition MKs - specifically those of Shas - to vote their conscience on the bill. Olmert said that he himself personally opposes the bill, though he agrees that Jerusalem is "not the natural place for a parade by homosexuals because of the special sensitivity" in the holy city.

MK Moshe Sharoni (Pensioners) said he feels the homosexuals can march in any other city: "Why Jerusalem? What, do they want to get the Christians and the Moslems angry at us? Do they want the whole world to hate us even more? They're a small minority, and this is the law."

"Once certain rabbis give the word, their followers will understand that
an abomination march cannot be allowed to happen in the holy city, and will do practically anything to stop it ........"

Posters and Prayer Rallies

The hareidi-religious and religious sectors in Jerusalem are beginning a series of actions designed to prevent the parade from taking place. A body calling itself The Committee to Stop the Abomination Parade, backed by the Yesha Rabbis Council, the Sanhedrin, Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton and others, has taken the following steps: Posters and billboards against the parade, road-blockings against a gay parade taking place in Haifa today (Wednesday), a possible protest rally against a planned march in Tel Aviv this Friday, and a protest tent at the entrance to Jerusalem beginning this week.

In addition, the group has filed for a police permit to hold a mass prayer-and-protest rally at the entrance to Jerusalem on the day of the planned march. A donor has already agreed to pay for 1,000 buses to bring participants from all over the country. The event will be gender-separate; women will congregate at the beginning of Herzl Blvd., while men will occupy the road leading to Ramot.

Organizers say they will not sanction violence at these events. However, one organizer told Arutz-7 that once certain rabbis give the word to approve protests, "their followers will understand that an abomination march is something that cannot be allowed to happen in the holy city, and they will do practically anything to stop it."

Police have authorized the parade in principle, but have hinged the actual permit on their check of the actual route and other considerations of public security.



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