Wednesday, May 30, 2007

G-D Help Us

Yet again, we must fight for the sanctity and Holiness of our Beloved Yerushalayim, "JERUSALEM" !!!

Please read the following article which was originally posted on the blog, "Dreaming of Moshiach", and consider,

"Is HaShem trying to tell us something here ???"

We must not become complacent !!

We may have (for the most part), won last year's battle for Holy Jerusalem, but the war is not yet over, and we must begin again !!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Original post: Dreaming of Moshiach
Most bloggers and forums wrote against it and fought hard to cancel it. Some wrote letters to the Mayor, PM, and ministers-from-hell protesting it. Some even fasted to have it cancelled. Everyone davened for its cancellation.
Finally, Shaarei Kedusha (gates of holiness) won and the 'thing' was cancelled.
Who thought that soon after, 7 months later, we would be fighting it again?
Reb Lazer Brody Shlita recently wrote about the Sitra Achra's return, r'l.
Current weather in Yerushalayim: dangerous high winds, thunders, lightening, and heavy rain.
Yerushalayim is crying - HaShem is crying - G-d Help us.



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