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Lazer Beams: IMPURADE 2007: OH NO, HERE WE GO AGAIN ......

Pride Parade, Eilat Photo: PR
Sunday, 27 May 2007

Impurade 2007: Oh no, here we go again...

"They have eyes, but they cannot see" (Psalm 135:16). There is no better description for a regime that never learns a lesson, no matter how tragic it is.

The Midrash tells us that the only right the People of Israel have to the Land of Israel is by their living in holiness. The Torah says specifically that our continued presence in the Holy Land is on the condition that we don't act like the wanton and lustful Canaanite nations that were here before us (See Shemot 23:20-33, Devorim 9:5). If we fail to keep Hashem's laws, we lose the deed to Hashem's Holy Land, G-d forbid - it's explicit and simple.

The anti-emuna regime thinks that Israel can be Monte Carlo. They think that a fiasco like this will improve tourism or make them more popular in decadent eyes. What warped thinking.

The planned Impurade of 2005 brought us the destruction and exile of Jewish Gaza, where nearly 10,000 Jews lost their homes. The planned Impurade of 2006 brought us the disaster of the so-called 2nd Lebanon War, where nearly one million Jews were forced to evacuate their homes. Can't the silly regime see a connection? The holy Land of Israel can't stomach debauchery and impurity. Who are the daft leaders that want to chance another public show of anti-Torah abominations, like a dare in Hashem's face? As it is, Sderot is becoming a ghost town. Is anarchy in the name of democracy worth losing more towns and cities?

Dealing with this subject is most distasteful to me - there are 1000 more wholesome and pleasurable things to write about. Yet, someone has to stand up and yell at full volume that Israel is in grave danger. The decadent public shows of impurity on our Holy Land are a much bigger threat than Bin Ladin, Achmedinejad and his nukes, the Hamas, and the PLO rolled into one. We must stand firm together, just as we would in the face of an attack on our borders. Indeed, another Impurade is a threat deep within our midst. May Hashem help us.

What we really need is a Prime Minister like Rabbi Yehuda Levin, someone who fears nothing other than Hashem.

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