Monday, September 04, 2006


A dear, dear friend of mine once told me that I "walk on egg-shells" too much, and she was right !! This post is very difficult for me to write. I hope that it doesn't offend those whom it is intended to encourage, but I feel I have to write what is on my heart. I love Yisrael with everything that is in me, and therefore I must speak. It was Golda Meir who said, "Israel can only lose once", and she was right !! This recent war has left Yisrael in a most dangerous situation, that of appearing weak before her sworn enemies. Regardless of who is to blame, the Arab nations surrounding Israel are now boasting of their victory over the mighty Israeli army, not because Israel's soldiers failed, but because their hands were tied and the campaign aborted by the government.
It is now crucial that Israel abandon these suicidal policies and reevaluate their failed tactics in light of the awkward and dangerous situation they now find themselves in. This post will not gain me any friends and may very well cost me the lose of some, but we, I believe, have entered the time period that we refer to as the End of Days, to which I have dedicated this blog, and in this light, time is of the essence. Since her miraculous rebirth as a nation, in 1948, Israel has had to fight to survive, against impossible odds and surrounded by enemies, attached again and again, yet she HAS survived and even prospered to the world's amazement. How has she been able to survive? Was it her great population, her size, her military might, her superior intellect, or perhaps her brilliant strategists? No, no, no, a thousand times NO !! It was her G-D !! HaShem alone gave her her victories !! When will Israel realize this essential TRUTH? With HaShem, VICTORY IS ASSURED, without HaShem, DESTRUCTION IS AT THE DOOR !! As the great prophet, Elijah once asked, "how long will you keep hopping between two opinions"?? [ I Kings 18:21, JPS ] When Elijah said this, he was telling the people to choose between the only true and living G-D and the false god Baal, "If the L-rd is G-D, follow Him; and if Baal, follow him!" [ I Kings 18:21, JPS English Edition of the Tanakh ] Baal was a false deity, an idol of the region at that time, but I wish to point-out that trust in anything other than G-D can also be an idol far more blinding and deadly than this Baal. When will we learn and at what price, that it is G-D alone who can establish and keep a nation, or at His determination, tear down a nation, not we ourselves. The nation of Israel must determine to TRUST IN G-D ALONE, not in her own abilities, or in foreign powers. This has become Israel's Baal of today, and with Elijah we must ask ourselves, "how long will we keep hopping about between two opinions?" Which will it be? Will Israel TRUST G-D or TRUST IN IDOLS? Choose wisely, for it is on this chose that Israel will survive or be defeated. CHOOSE WHERE YOU WILL PLACE YOUR EMUNAH ( FAITH ) , THEN ACT ACCORDINGLY !!! WE MUST BEGIN BY DETERMINING TO PUT A STOP TO ANY AND ALL FUTURE PLANS FOR WITHDRAWALS !! THERE MUST BE NO MORE LAND FOR PEACE DEALS !! IT'S G-D'S LAND AND NOT A BARGAINING-CHIP !! DO NOT DO, AS ESAU DID, AND SELL YOUR BIRTHRIGHT AND THAT OF YOUR DESCENDANTS, FOR A WORTHLESS BOWL OF "PEACE SOUP" !!!! IT WILL LEAVE YOU FEELING VERY EMPTY, AS IT DID ESAU !! I BEG OF YOU, HONOR G-D, SAY NO TO ALL LAND FOR PEACE PROPOSALS !!! HONOR YOUR BIRTHRIGHT, AND G-D WILL HONOR HIS PROMISES !!!


Blogger Tamar Yonah said...

I love this piece you wrote! I like how you used the phrase of Israel selling her birth right for 'peace soup'. As the soup was in reality, 'lentil' soup, which is similar to 'peas', which is similar to 'peace'in its sound. LOL
And you are so right! Israel as a nation must decide who to place her trust in. Elaine, you 'get' it. I wish all the rest of us did. G-d bless you, G-d bless your blog, may it be a light to this world and may it serve G-d.
Best, Tamar

7:22 AM  

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